Make your app location-aware with StepInside

We provide the indoor equivalent of GPS and our solution removes navigational hurdles in hospitals, enables location-based notifications in shopping malls, and expands accessibility for the visually impaired.

Our product, StepInside™, is a robust and comprehensive hardware-software system for indoor positioning of mobile devices. The system is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing location-based services market, both today and tomorrow.


Increase the customer experience

Engage visitors with a personalized shopping experience with Location-based services.

  • Provide dynamic turn-by-turn navigation for visitors
  • Allowing store or mall management to create location-based promotions
  • Analyze visitor behavioral patterns in a venue
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Locate staff and equipment

Reduce time spent searching for colleagues and equipment. Provide a personalized patient experience.

  • Provide dynamic turn-by-turn navigation for patients to their appointment.
  • Patients receive guidance to find the car in indoor parking facilities
  • Automated check-ins as patients walk in the door
  • Allowing staff to locate colleagues or equipment
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Analyze and optimize your operations

Identify hidden costs and increasing productivity. Analyze the location of things indoors to cut waste and streamline operations.

  • Study how assets, forklifts or people flow throughout the value-chain
  • Identify hidden waste and streamline operations
  • Location-based optimized pick lists
  • Real-time fleet management
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Cisco Solution Partner

Cisco Solution PartnerSenionLab is an approved Cisco Solution Partner since January 2014. With Cisco Solution Partner program, SenionLab is a preferred technology provider of IPS and pre-integrated into Cisco APIs and sandboxes. SenionLab also offer APIs that fit with Cisco Management tools and systems.

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Make your app location-aware

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