Make your app location-aware
with StepInside

SenionLab is a global leader in Indoor Positioning Systems. We provide the indoor equivalent of GPS and our solution removes navigational hurdles in hospitals, enables location-based notifications in shopping malls, and expands accessibility for the visually impaired.

Our product, StepInside, is a robust and comprehensive hardware-software system for indoor positioning of mobile devices. The system is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing location-based services market, both today and tomorrow.

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Key features

  • Calculate position of smartphone indoors
  • Client-side calculations
  • Robust system
  • Easy installation
“In less than two weeks the investment was returned. The next step will be to deploy SenionLab’s solution on the rest of our major sites.”
Dirco de Corso, SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)
reference cases

Benefit from additional
service plug-ins

Extend your Location-Based Service with our additional service plug-ins. We have developed a range of LBS functionalities that you can use and combine to build your app.

Find out how people move about in your venue or how many customers visited a certain area at a specific time. Push notifications based upon virtual zones in your venue. Define Points-of-Interests and provide users with dynamic turn-by-turn navigation.

Cisco Solution Partner

SenionLab is an approved Cisco Solution Partner since January 2014. With Cisco Solution Partner program, SenionLab is a preferred technology provider of IPS and pre-integrated into Cisco APIs and sandboxes. SenionLab also offer APIs that fit with Cisco Management tools and systems.

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Cisco Solution Partner

Make your app location-aware

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